Solo Exhibition: When you can’t put feelings into words.

With When you can’t put feeling into words., Celeste C. da Luz opens her first solo exhibition focusing on the central preoccupation of colour, materiality and engagement. Through using a variety of medium and objects which she constructs in different ways, the series of work brings the imaginary worlds into being.


Colour is the root of her work, corresponding with a variety of materials that can create responsive effects to the emotions and memories. She allows the paint to flow and burst out onto the surface to bring assertive juxtapositions of colours into abstract compositions with the specialty of different brushes and tools. Her practice focuses on to make pictures that the viewers do not see all at once and allow them to discover something new every time they look at it, through their imagination and personal experience.


Seeing materiality as a significant component in her work, Celeste employs material that aims to go beyond the recognisable connotation of the material itself and to reveal the unknown within the familiar objects that are used on daily basis. On the first attempt to mirrored surface in her practice, she intends to capture the ambivalence that people feel about aspects of their personal identity, narrating the distance between the way that the viewers see themselves and the way others see them. Adapting the idea of Duchamp which was usually paraphrased as ‘the viewers complete the work.’, Celeste realised the importance of the relationship and tension between her work and the viewers. Considering her work and the viewers as a dialogue, she provides the opportunity to communicate and react between themselves within the space. Her work is inviting and encouraging the viewer to encounter, to navigate the space and to make a subjective contribution. To further visualise the experiences, she investigates into the nature of light, space and perception that manifest in objects, sculptures and photography.